Medical Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Year in Review

Event Time

Wednesday, October 28 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM ET

Event Information

Title: Medical Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Year in Review


The medical AM/3DP community makes incredible advancements every year. Joined by leading members of the community, we will provide highlights of the past year, survey results, and discuss what this means for developments we’re already seeing this year and expect to see in the future. DOWNLOAD the ASME Medical Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Year in Review for free.

Type: General Session




  • 3D biofabrication applications
  • 3D imaging inspection
  • Active devices applications
  • All additive manufacturing 3D printing processes
  • All materials
  • All software
  • Anatomic models applications
  • Binder jetting processes
  • Biological and bioinks materials
  • Bioprinting processes
  • Ceramics materials
  • Composites materials
  • Contract manufacturing or service bureau services
  • Dental applications
  • Design optimization software
  • Design process steps
  • Development and prototyping applications
  • Directed energy deposition processes
  • Education or association and media services
  • Engineering and design services
  • Hybrid systems processes
  • Image processing and segmentation software
  • Material extrusion processes
  • Material jetting processes
  • Metals materials
  • Modeling and process simulation software
  • New applications
  • Patient matched implants applications
  • Point of care and clinical applications
  • Polymers materials
  • Powder bed fusion processes
  • Prosthetics and assistive devices applications
  • Serialized production implants applications
  • Sheet lamination processes
  • Surgical planning applications
  • Vat photopolymerization processes
  • Workflow or planning and PLM software